Monday, February 28, 2011

Wage Rage

I just have to vent somewhere.

Why is it that people working with troubled children and youth, individuals with special needs, and general human service workers get such a piddly wage (except if they magically get a job with the Government/City) and people specializing in sports/entertainment make millions?

I'm feeling down and moody because the only jobs my Bachelors Degree qualify me for don't seem to pay enough for us to get by on.
(Maybe I just need a Masters or something to make it more worth it?).

So I'm lashing out at all those darn basketball players and movie stars who will make more $ in a month than I will in my lifetime. Don't get me wrong, I myself am caught up with the entertainment industry, I love a good film and I enjoy awards shows, etc. I know many of them have worked incredibly hard to get where they are, and they are reeling in talent...but really do they all need to have 3 mansions and 12 cars when the rest of us just want to pay our bills? They can still have their nannies and mani/pedi's and lavish vacations and fancy dresses if they made even a quarter of what they make now, couldn't they?

Do I need to gain some perspective? Am I thinking selfishly here? Please someone devils advocate my ass on this one so I do not feel so angry!

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