Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quirky Predictions

Yeah I admit I get really caught up with American Idol...but hey its kinda like escapism for me!

Here are my predictions for top 6 boys. We'll see how I did on Thursday:
1. Well obviously we know Jacob will get in, if not from voters then as Judge's wild card for sure!
2. Clint - he has an amazing voice and great stage presence, you always know someone's great when they can twiddle their fingers across the microphone without ever dropping the microphone. Kinda like Alison Ireheta from 2 seasons ago...remember?
3. That Scotty McCreery, wow if people voted Carrie Underwood a few years back they will surely vote Mr. Country himself, he's got such awesome facial expressions when he sings, and although I despise country music, he is darn good at singing it!
4. Paul McDonald, he is quite quirky, but he brings something fresh to the stage...really unique voice too. He seems to not really fit the American Idol brand, he seems like he could make it on his own as the front for some new indie band or American Idol is too low for him perhaps?
5. James Derbin - he is a little try hard Adam Lambert but really gave it in the performance, I think people will remember that and vote him in. I kinda like his voice actually. His hanki-tail was so annoying though, I saw Justin Beiber wear a hanki-tail when he was dancing on the Ellen not very original James...and whats the point of a hanki-tail anyway? Perhaps If your forehead gets sweaty and you need a quick wipe, at least its something that reaches with one bold swipe?
6. hmmmm. Probably Brett because again, he is memorable and really truly hit some great notes. He's another quirky one. He whips his hair more than Willow Smith. I think this season is the quirkiest!

the only one that might stir up my predictions with a surprise placement on top 6 would be Casey who is ...big surprise...also quite quirky! But more like Seth Rogan then Will Ferrell (hey sister?)

Closing thoughts: what is up with all the ballads/love songs boys? Seriously, bore fest on Jovany, Stefano, Robbie (too fast for his own music?? did anyone else feel that way?)...and Jordan wow what was up with that Usher-esque performance that made you sound like a symphony of cats in heat? I'm sorry but that was really sad, and when the judges said it didn't seem like the song represented him at all, he totally agreed and said it wasn't his, I beg the question, WHY perform a song and dance a silly dance that is completely unlike who you are intending to portray yourself as? Arrrrg people like Jordan frustrate me...
I'm forgetting someone...think brain I just had to go to the American Idol website to figure out who slipped my memory, and of course it was Tim because as I just proved, his performance was forgettable. (And its too bad because he seems like a genuinely nice and simple guy with no potential ego problems, etc.)

Quick comment on Judges:
Steven Tyler - I really hope one of these live shows you actually DON'T like someone...because tonight you seemed to be showering everyone in butterflies and love (well except for silly Jordan).
J-Lo - I think you also need to show a little bit of a "harsh reality" side...but you're holding your own pretty good so far. Please don't use the word Organic when describing a performance. Kinda like the word Epic, its just way over used.
Dawg (I forget your name, its late.): Hm, I liked that you didn't LOVE everyone tonight, you kept it kind of real. Oh yeah your name is Randy. Sorry about that.

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E. Tyler Rowan said...

Ha! Looking at these after the fact, you had some pretty darn good predictions! :)

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