Wednesday, April 11, 2007

avril & hilary

its the sad truth that still remains.

i still like avril lavigne and hilary duff.

and dispite the terribly "chick-pop" new songs from their upcoming albums

"with love" - hilary duff

"girlfriend" - avril lavigne


for some reason i still really want to purchase their cd's...

i'm such a 13-year-old girl sometimes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

funny favorites

these two websites are ones i frequent the most:

if you like celebrity gossip, with a twist of cynicism & sarcastic delight, please visit

elaine (lainey) is a reporter with Canada's Entertainment Tonight...and she gives a daily report on her website of celebrity sightings, celebrity idiots, celebrity news, etc. it is worth checking out and you have to understand her The Chosen One, refers to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's offspring Shiloh...and RoboBride is Katie Holmes....etc.

if you watch America's Next Top Model (best show ever!), then check out this dude's weekly commentaries, they are posted every monday after the wednesday airing.

ohhh how he hates Tyra...and how he loves the "Crying Count", yes, he keeps track of which girl cried and how many times per episode, etc.

The Meadows

Did you know, Las Vegas means "The Meadows"?? that is beautiful!
Las Vegas last week with the fam was great fun. it was so nice to get out of stinky winnipeg for a week!

so we arrived and the first two days were insanely windy & therefore quite chilly for desert weather! and the warm pool at the hotel was closed, that was not awesome.

but man did i ever eat a lot of food in Vegas. the best buffet was the Alladion hotels, "Spice Market buffet"....(thanks jules & aaron!) and there was such yummy seafood there, like 3 kinds of shrimp, then popcorn shrimp too, then crab legs, and lobster pasta.....yum yum yum .

we did a lot of touristy- walk around hotel lobbies - etc, but everything was beautiful.

marcie, aaron, dustin and i went on a LONG "mob tour" and basically got the special features on the casino movie special edition DVD repeated to us, while riding in the back bench of a 15 passenger van, the kind kiros travels around in, and the kind i rode when i was in youth group going for a night of glow-bowling or something. but the tour was pretty sweet.

then we went to see "MAMA MIA" which was a cheesy musical with all ABBA songs. hahah it was funny, the music was so loud and at the end this guy's pants were so tight he was ready to burst. and it was funny because mom sneezed REALLY loud, like a typical loud Rohr sneeze, right at a very quite, serious part of the show. all of us were holding back major laugh attacks at that point, i'm quite sure of it!

we got to go on THE PRICE IS RIGHT...simulated vegas style game show, and mama got to be a contestant on contestants row, but she over-bid on the blender by $5 dollars, so she didn't get to play Plinko. well, she was bidding in Canadian dollars, hello! She should have won! hehe

we even got to see the simpsons house, on red bark lane, hehehe, and the lady across the street seemed to have no clue why we were taking pictures in front of the house, does she not know she lives across the street from the real simpsons house!?!? d'uh!!!!

and jeremy got the sweetest gifts for his girlfriend, she's a lucky girl. and marcie had to leave early because she had an exam or something stinky. i only got like 1 day with marcie!! but it was her day!! she called the shots. it was fun.

dustin and i got two nights for ourselves at the Alladin hotel, which was a beautiful hotel room with a great view of the Strip and the pool deck for the hotel. i spent a bunch of hours just soaking up sun on the pool deck, and watching a cute little spanish baby try to swim in his chubby mama's grip at the pool. then a wasp came and tried to eat my sunglasses and i got pissed off and went inside.

our last night at the hotel i was feeling lucky and wanted to do some gambling, julie said she won $30 on roulette so i wanted to try it out. unfortunately i ate too much food that evening, practically gorging myself on shrimp and i had a sore stomach, so there was no gambling in store for me that night.

the next morning at the airport, 5: fricking 45 in the morning, with another hour wait till we boarded our plane, i decided out of boredom to play a dollar in the airport slot machine. surprise surprise, 2 minutes later i had won $120 crisp american dollars...dustini was smart and convinced me to stop while i was ahead because now i could say that "I BEAT VEGAS".

then on the plane home, i was watching someone sip their coffee, and i was thinking, how awful would it be to spill your drink on your lap on the plane, when you have like 10 hours of travelling ahead of you.....and then like the dork i am, i ended up accidently spilling my apple juice all over dustin's leg and brand new shoe.

we had a long trip home, stopping in vancouver and edmonton...and basically we were so beat by the time we reached winnipeg, we took a sweet-ass pimped out limo with stars in the roof...all the way home to little was quite the end to a long day.

enjoy the pictures!

movie buff

blades of glory:
watched in vegas with dustin -
sooo silly but a pretty good movie, i would give it 11 out of 15 stars (thats my personal rating scale, 15 stars is the BEST)...
the 2 funniest parts: the scene with the horse shampoo, the scene with the first routine in the competition. i love that amy poehler was in this movie! she rocks.

a good woman:
watched last week by myself at home -
this movie started out boring, the only reason i wanted to watch it was because i love scarlett. she's such a good actress (except in that STUPID movie where scarlett's character dates her father's boss...i had to shut that movie off it was so boring and i can't even remember the name, go look it up on IMBD if you care).

but back to scarlett in "a good woman", this movie is pleasantly short, but the plot is very good in the end, i totally didn't predict any of it. 12 out of 15 stars.

the squid and the whale:
watched at home with dustin last week -
this movie deals with a very realistic situation involving a family going through separation. the actors in this movie are amazing. the older son reminds me so much of my friend joal from calgary. there are a few scenes that are kind of "uncomfortable" involving the younger son and masturbation, and you wonder what kind of kid would be brave enough to act in that way for the world to see...admirable young actor. there's this guy in the movie who says "Brotha" in EVERY SENTENCE HE USES, and it sounds like it would be annoying after a while but to be honest, i couldn't stop laughing every time he said it because he sounded like such a dork. the movie is quite scandalous but it was phenomenal at the same time. go rent it, 13.5/15 stars.

the holiday:
watched at work with 2 co-workers 2 days ago
okay. where to start. this movie was pretty much exactly what i expected it to be, pretty lame-ass, but had a few redeeming (for the moment) parts. the main thing that made this movie suck was how unrealistic it was, people in this day and age DO NOT trust each other to the extent shown by the characters in this movie. maybe in mayberry with andy griffith you would have this sort of trust between strangers, but not in 2007 Los Angeles! seriously, would you let a complete stranger whom you've "instant messaged" once, live in your home without you there, for 2 weeks? God no! and another thing that was annoying was that commentator who was often speaking in cameron diaz' thoughts...that was lame. and the fact that sophie and olivia have their own call display on jude law's characters cell phone, ummmm....yah what child under the age of 7 has their own phone number? and jack black as a love interest? he is not exactly a stud...but the decision of him being cast for that role was made apparant when he has the singing in the blockbuster scene. some of the momentarily redeeming parts: when cameron diaz is dancing and singing to the "mr. brightside" brought back memories of my favorite scene from "my best friends wedding", when cameron diaz sings at the kareoke bar...and any moment in any lame movie that brings back that memory ...i will dub a redeeming moment. and sophie and olivia were honestly some of the sweetest little girls i've ever seen, i hope they are in upcoming GOOD movies, because they are both adorable little actresses. the napkin head moment is pretty funny too. so yah, ummmmm....6/15 stars.

tenacious D and the pick of destiny:
watched last night with dustin -
"a long ass fuckin' time a town called Kickapoo..." i cannot for the life of me get that song out of my head...
just the fact that a whole scene was dedicated to a sasquatch made this movie worth watching.
although this movie has a lot of "fucks" and refers to the cock on many is so silly, i laughed out loud so many times. when jack black falls asleep crying on the park bench, oh man. and the scene where jack black is just about to jump into the air vent, i love the song...and the interruption...
and when the large man with one leg is threatening jack and kyle....awesomes in the house.
so if you feel like wasting some time and laughing for a while, go watch it. ummmmm 12/15 stars.

if you've seen these movies and have your own opinions, please express!

bad combination.

yesterday brody recieved a special package in the mail for her birthday from a kind relative.
inside was a cute china-faced doll, with cherries on her little doll hat.
unfortunately, because the doll had been sent in the mail, the delicate face had a few small cracks.
brody and i were playing with the doll for an hour, taking the doll on pretend adventures, brody naming the doll "cherry"...hiding under the blanky from the pretend monster...
suddenly brody grabbed cherry by the hat, and came up from under the blanket holding not only cherry's hat, but half of cherry's head as well. thats right, in the midst of the monster-hiding adventure, i guess the crack had grown to span the entire face of the doll, causing the top-half of the face to come apart from the bottom half, and unfortunately brody had the first look at this brutalized doll. i felt so bad for brody, she was pretty upset about the whole thing, and the doll was honestly un-fixable. i had to discreetly throw the two halves of dear cherry in the garbage after wiping the many tears from brody's face and assuring her that we would get a new doll.

moral of the story? don't combine china faced dolls-MAIL-and 2 year old girls!

smelling on the bus

i smelled heartless-people on sunday...
the bus picked up a large group of older citizens coming home from a easter sunday church service. two such church-goers were decorated with approximately 12 golden heart shaped pins on each arm of their forest green coats. so at first glance, you think well these people must have a heart, why, they are showing visibly they have approximately 12. a few stops later, a homeless gent tried to get on the bus "fare-free" by telling the bus driver with a hopeful sigh that he was trying to get to his mother's house for easter dinner. bus driver (i guess he was just doing his job) politely refused. as the bus was driving past the gent short of bus fare, the two churchgoers started their heartless banter:
"The nerve of some people! Trying to get a free ride! When will people learn...."
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg this made me so mad. if i was fast on my feet (& thinking straight) when the gent had been denied a ride, i would have hopped up and thrown a twoonie into the fare-box and given the poor dude a break on EASTER SUNDAY of all days. but instead, i had to endure the remainder of the ride listening to two heartless STINKERS who ranted on and on about how people try to "cheat the system" and get "something for nothing"...

the sad truth. there will always be homeless people who might need a break once in a while. even sadder truth? there will always be smelly heartless people who think they are a touch above the rest because they've been blessed with endless access to bus fare.