Sunday, February 20, 2011

Counting Down to Disney

My fun volunteer role as a Wish Grantor has allowed me to create the following countdown calendars for 2 separate Wish trips to Disney World, both of the recipients of these calendars have been sweet little girls who love the color PINK! I love using fun ribbon to outline the dates they are counting down. The first one is for a girl who loves bubble gum, so each day she gets to take a piece of gum.

The second one is for a girl who loves Princesses, so I decided halfway through that I would make it in the shape of a crown. Each day she gets to take a crown/wand sticker from the top area and place it in a day square.

Making these calendars made me excited to one day go to Disney World/Land with my own kids and create for them a fun colourful creative countdown calendar! I'm hoping someday someone googles "Countdown Calendar for Disney World" and finds some inspiration from my little projects. But most importantly I'm hoping that they made 2 little girls that much more excited for their Disney trips!

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