Saturday, February 19, 2011

foody (not so) goody

Don't let the title of this post mis-lead you. The (not so) part comes at the end!
I have stumbled across a few amazing food blogs of late, one of them my written by my lovely friend Jenn who never ceases to inspire me as her house is always clean, she has the most well behaved kids, and she makes dinner all the time for her family while simultaneously being a Pastor's wife at a busy church which requires great time commitment as well. Hat's off to you Jenn, I don't know how you get it all done! The other food blog I've found is a teenage girl who LOVES to bake. Some of this girl's creations are jaw dropping (well if cake really inspires you that is), like her 4th of July cake for example .

Anyways. I love to bake, my "trade-mark" if you will, is that I always under-bake things. My dad especially loves this little trick as everything always turns out very soft and chewy which in my opinion is what a good cookie/brownie/muffin should be. My latest recipe came from another blog.I wanted to make some sort of Oreo cheesecake dessert, but I didn't want to feel like a bloated whale afterwards...or do 15 dance routines on my Wii Just Dance I modified and used low fat peanut butter, cream cheese, and Oreos. The result was...okay.
The consistency was wonderful, but the flavour was lacking (obviously from the lack of fat...brings lack of flavour). But I would make them again, this time using full fat Oreos on the bottom, maybe even splurging for DOUBLE STUFFED Oreos, ha! But only for special occasions as I really don't like eating very fatty food. Maybe bake more fruity things, less chocolate?

Which brings this post to a close with my mango disappointment:
I've been craving mangoes and so bought this beautiful looking mango the other day..I was so looking forward to opening it and enjoying the smooth yellow delight....but as the pictures show, I was quite disappointed.

The only good thing about this bad mango experience was that it reminded me of a really funny SNL skit with Robert DeNiro. Maybe its on youtube...just a second here...yup!

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