Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 and some years

Oh blimey. It seems I've forgotten about my blog. I just went through a 10 minute three step process to recover it from an email address that is no longer being used. BUT HERE I AM! I only thought about this ol' blog as I am addicted to reading my friends & hubby's blog, and I feel like it will be more fun to post stuff here then the typical facebook note/photo album, etc. Although my blog is pretty pointless, more for me just to remember stuff other's blogs have more of a purpose, mine is just to babble really.

So lots has happened since my last post--- um to sum it up in a sentence here goes:
went to TIFF with my lover as a little escape/long awaited honeymoon...then back to work, back to being pregnant, got rid of mini van
in favor of an opa oldsmobile, back on mat leave with a precious new sweet Fee, moved to an ACTUAL home that doesn't require walking up 4 flights of stairs to get I'm slowly back to work again as mat leave is coming to a close.

I've been scouring the web for a new job that pays enough so that Dust can stay home with the boys...He's looking for the same job deal-o...we're in a race to see who gets a great job first...then the other parent will stay home and play house all day
(which is just as hard/harder than being the full time worker - UGH laundry will be the death of me but at least now I have the machines in my own basement! No more lugging hamper's to mom's place, haha) But in the meantime I've picked up my waitressing hat and been settling into that role for the past few weeks! I've been enjoying it...its very strange to be working in the hospitality field again after my last job was incredibly intense supervisory human resource volunteer coordination program facilitation parent contact budget balancing intake assessment craziness...and just waiting tables now seems so EASY and almost relaxing(!?) at times. I would like more of a challenge, and would love to be making a difference in people's lives through my job...but for now the only difference I will be making is that people will enjoy a nice steak dinner brought to them with care by yours truly.

My funny story of the day comes compliments of Dex, the baby in the last entry who is now 3 years old.

Dex gets out of the tub, tries with a cry to get his jammies on while his body is still wet and sticky. I fling some baby powder on his little butt and legs to help combat the stickiness...and with a blink he's all warm and cozy in his jammies.
10 minutes later Dex says to me, "Mommy, do I have power?"
I wrinkle my brow in confusion, "Dex what are you talking about?"
"Do I got
power mommy???" He asks, starting to get upset...
"I guess so?"
Dex proceeds to pull down his pants and stick his little hiney in the air,
"See mommy, look, I GOTS POWER!!!!"

ohhhhhh the powder, yes! Silly mommy, how could I forget. A nice little moment that I'm sure will be forgotten about until I read this post again in....2 and some years.

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