Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my half-year old child

so Dekker will be a half-year old tomorrow, and he continues to amaze me each and every day! he has sprouted a wee tooth within the past few days, so is dealing with some teething pain. thank God for the creators of ORAGEL, to whom i am forever greatful.

Dekker also has this notion inside his head that its time to learn how to crawl. he certainly didn't get this notion from his mother because i am NOT the proud owner of a crawl-proof apartment (yet). but every day, this little tyke wakes up, twists onto his belly, and hoists himself up on his haunches. then he proceeds to lunge forward, his heavy head often planting itself onto the ground....then he manages to creep forward in a "crawl" like stance....oh its so cute.

Not so cute? Dekker falling asleep holding onto my bag of chicken wings...i'm so famished and want to eat them so bad....but its not worth pulling out of his grasp for fear he will wake up and be crabby for the next few hours because his nap was cut short. Oh well i'll finish off the Lactose Free ice cream in my freezer and hope the wings aren't soggy when i eat them in a while!

the dreaded BIKINI!

so i'm invited to my dear friend's lingerie shower this friday, it is a tropical hot tub party! i'm looking forward to it, but i realized i don't have a decent bathing suit. in my genes, i won't say which side...but i'll just make a blanket statement....some of the ladies in my extended family are blessed with rather disproportionately large rumps. now because of this, i have always been a little self conscious about my own. subsequently, i have never actually been brave enough to don an ACTUAL BIKINI! its always been a tankini with board shorts.
now since i've had a baby, i'm still the heaviest i've ever been in my life (save for when i was pregnant of course), but i actually am proud of my body. i don't care so much about the rump area, and my husband assures me its a really decent rump. i guess just the fact that i was SOOOOOOOOO freaking huge while pregnant, i feel so skinny now *haha*. so i am going to wear a bikini for the first time in my life, in public. i scoured the mall for some good bottoms and found these cute pink plaid ones on sale for $10!!! not bad not bad! they kinda look like granny panties in this picture, but i assure you they are cute little booty shorts so my whole butt isn't hanging out but its a vast improvement from board shorts that hang down to my knees! the brown halter is a walmart special i've had for a while, of course always wearing it UNDER a tank-top in public. but i'm gonna let it all hang out come friday at the hot tub party. go me!