Sunday, February 20, 2011

my predicaMINT

So my fabulous husband surprised me on Valentine's Day with a receipt for a MINT floor cleaner he had purchased online. I was ecstatic as these little floor cleaners are not exactly cheap...and I've been wanting one for a while but just kept thinking we couldn't afford it right now.
So my man ordered it on Amazon and it shipped from a place in Calgary, arriving yesterday. I was so excited to rip it out of the box and put it to good use. This past week I haven't cleaned my floors in anticipation of getting the MINT...I even told some friends who came over for a last minute visit just NOT TO LOOK DOWN at the floor if at all possible.
Anyways - I rip open the box and find the receipt on top. Within about 10 minutes I had done a quick internet search, made a phone call, and realized that I could get the same product at a store 10 mins. away for $70 cheaper then what my hubs had paid. If you know me - you know I'm the queen of getting good deals, doing my research on EVERYthing I purchase (over the price of lets say $30 or so) and so not getting the best deal in this regard is killing me, even if it was a gift! So of course I haven't opened my new MINT. Of course I emailed the vendor through Amazon and am waiting to hear their return policy. And of course I'm tapping my nails on the counter it worth it....the $70... to just use the darn thing now? And of course, if the vendor emails me and says the product is returnable, as long as the shipping back doesn't cost $70+ then it will be another week of dirty floors for this obsessive deal getter! For now the MINT remains contained in its box...and if you visit my house before this all gets resolved, please, just don't look down.

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