Monday, July 21, 2008

3 Weddings in One Week

My week of Weddings began Sunday July 6, with a early drive to Calgary! My good friends B & C have been engaged for over 18 months and it was a highly anticipated event. We got a little lost along the way and walked in while they were saying their vows but the sight was spectacular. They married in a park, overlooking the calm river. It was such a beautiful day, the perfect weather. The reception was at the Calgary Zoo, very classy! B's colors were brown and pink, they had the cutest little cake with polka dots and home made cinnamon buns to complement the cake. All in all a beautiful day, with a fun filled dance at the end to top it off!!!

Next wedding was in Edmonton for my longest known friend A. Saturday, July 12, another beautiful sunny day. I only wished the wedding would have been outside like the other two were! But A's dad built her the most amazing gazebo which made being indoors not seem as bad. A looked like a princess, and her groom R was beaming the whole day. When it came time to "Kiss the Bride", A practically jumped into R's arms and their kiss brought forth many an "awe!" from the audience!
The reception was very PINK! I got to eat chicken fingers as the meal had a cream sauce which I am allergic too. The speeches were very heartfelt and brought a few tears. I am so happy to see my forever friend happily married and ready to start this new chapter of her life!

The following day, Sunday July 13th, I boarded the plane with my 7 month old Dex in tow, and flew to Kelowna for my cousin M's wedding! I arrived in plenty of time to make it to the 4pm ceremony. Upon arriving at the location of the ceremony, my breath was suddenly snatched up. It was the most beautiful location for a ceremony I had ever seen. The guests sat on a grassy hill looking at the "Island Stage" which was decorated beautifully. It was an extremely hot afternoon, I believe 31 Celcius, so I was originally up higher on the hill in the shade of a tree. As soon as the ceremony began I knew I had to be closer to the beauty. 7 of my cousins were the official "bubble blowers" who stood in front of the stage blowing beautiful bubbles into the wind while the bride was entering to the left with her father (my uncle) on her arm. Just the sight of my cousin brought tears into my eyes. I'm not one to cry at weddings but just looking into my gorgeous 20 year old cousin's face brought the tears flowing. She looked absolutely stunning, and so happy. Her dress was absolutely REGAL.

I loved how casual the wedding was, for example, the bridesmaids walked to the stage barefoot and stepped into their shoes when they took their positions on the stage. Best Ceremony Ever. The reception was also quite breathtaking.....mainly the AMAZING FOOD, hand made perogies, 3 delicious salads, cabbage rolls (my favorite), BC cherries picked off the tree that morning, all in all a delicious buffet!! I prefer buffet to plated meals any day, because I can be quite picky with my food/allergies! The speeches from the parents were really sweet, and my aunt made everyone laugh with her speech chalked full of stories from when M was a little girl. The bride and groom ended the night by running to their car while all the guests waved sparklers in the parking lot. It was so beautiful.

And that concludes my beautiful week of weddings!

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